reality vs expectations.

Day 1

First things first, welcome. Blogging isn’t
something I’ve ever really done before but here I am. The reason I’m blogging?
I bought the Steal Like An Artist logbook by Austin Kleon, in which there is a
30 day challenge. I decided that I should blog and post online for 30
consecutive days. 

So, here I am. If you’re reading this then, well, you’re probably unknowingly
(or full-on-knowingly) judging me in some kind of manner, but don’t worry, I’d
be doing the same would it be the other way around.


So, here’s the idea of this blog: Every
single day I wake up around 6am, I drink a double espresso from my dad’s fancy
coffee machine and then go for a run or swim. Typically, I like to do nothing short of
an hour of solid training and lately, I like to finish up with a good core/ab
routine as well a good old fashioned stretch. After I’ve showered, I get to
work, early. I make breakfast (always porridge) and more coffee. It is at this
point, every single day, that I have almost all my most creative ideas. The
combination of endorphins and caffeine means my head is wired and my creativity
is slightly more than I’m capable to handle. The problem? I can’t work on these
ideas until work is over, unless of course, these ideas directly correlate to
work (I’m lucky that my job involves quite a lot of creative thinking, if you
want to do it well that is…). So this blog is going to be written in that sweet
spot between the buzz kicking in and when I have to start work – every day, for
the next 30 days.

Here’s my idea today: the “What I am doing/what
I have done today vs. What I want to be doing/what I wish I had done”

What I am doing/what I have done today:

1. I ran 8 miles, comfortable pace. Went along the river as the sun came up with
mist all along the water. It felt great and it genuinely makes me laugh when
people say “why do you do it?” – believe me, if you were there, you’d know.


2. Work. I like work. I know that’s hard to
grasp for a lot of people but I genuinely like my job. I like the routine it
makes me adhere to. I like the day to day business of rushing about doing
somewhat needless tasks. Most of all though, I like that I get to see the
results of what I do with immediate effect: I’m a teacher of music, media and
performing arts for special educational needs students. It’s rad. The best thing
about SEND learners is, it’s all about their experience, if they’ve had a good
day then you’ve done your job right – it’s not about pushing them through a
factory of qualifications.

3. Drinking good coffee. I recently
received some amazing coffee, fresh out of Costa Rica, and it means that all
other coffee is inferior and I don’t know what I’m going to do when it runs

4. I’ve started this blog. I often get
frustrated because although I like the idea of a social media presence, I prefer
to avoid social media at all costs: Thief of time, modifier of expectations and
that backlit screen does nothing but give me a headache if I’m looking at it
for too long. Ironic that I’m writing a blog post that sort of entails this
whole concept but you know, 21st century life…

What I want to be doing/what I wish I had
done today:

If money, time and reality were no object, here’s how I wish my day could go.

1. I’d run further. I never want to stop, more miles = more smiles. Most of the
time I feel like I could keep on going. I realise that tactical training makes
for better training, less chance of injury and better overall well-being but,
come on man, I just love moving.

2. I’d have flown to New York. Every day
for about 2 years, I have had this over whelming urge to just go to New York. I’ve
been once, it was one of the most profound 3 days of my entire life. I think
the buzz of the city, the fact that it’s so fairytale like and just full of
opportunity draws me to it. I could never live there though, I’m all about the
country living – but I’d like to go back, spend some time there, run, get
creative, eat every trending food in sight, etc.


3. I’d have gone to work to be more
selfishly creative. I write music. I write music, a lot. How much of that music
gets shared into the public world? Hardly any. The songs the band have released
is the only music which I have written that’s accessible to the big wide world.
This is something I want to change. I want to release more music, show the
world that I do a lot more than the songs Ghouls put out. I’m proud of every
single track Ghouls have released but it doesn’t fully showcase me as a songwriter. I
write way more frequently than tracks get released and I write way more
diversely. This is something I want to change and soon.

4. I sort of wish I’d have written less on this blog post. There’s a lot of words on here. I wanted to put down a lot of
information for some reason. Perhaps it’s the coffee and the fact my mind is
racing in some kind of post-exercise, over-caffeinated state. Oh well.

There it is then, first blog post.
Judge away. Let me know what you think. Scrutinize by all means necessary. Tell
me if there’s things you want me to write about; I’m going to do this every day
for another 29 days, I need ideas. I can add more pictures? Less words? Drawings? Advice? You
tell me.

Peace & love,

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