My day in Album art.

Day 13

Lucky number 13 and aren’t we lucky that I’m finally getting round to writing this today. Tuesday is by far my busiest day of the week; a mixture of a hectic timetable and not many minutes between each activity to do so much as to catch a breath and drink a swift espresso (priorities). I heard a great analogy today about a busy day feeling like a ‘Wack-A-Mole” machine – you get one thing done but another pops straight up. That’s not to say it’s a been a bad day – I love busy. My mind thrives on movement, productivity and general hussle. 

This morning I clocked a relatively pacey 9 miler before work. The mornings at the moment are magic – the mist coming off the river, the pink-orange hue where the sun is rising, the crisp air and that crystal clear thinking space. The perfect morning run. 

I won’t lie, I’m a bit all over the place in terms of writing today’s blog post. I have a lot of ideas but they all would take me longer than my allocated time slot that I have to write this so I’m going to save my more lengthy ideas for other days. There still being 17 days to go, of course… (plus more as I intend to carry this on beyond the 30 day challenge). 

Here’s the story of my day, told in album art: 

Waking Up: Fresh. 

Morning Run: Iconic.

Work (part 1): Organised Chaos. 

Work (part 2): Join the club. 

Trying to get things done: Did this album even exist? 

(What) Bedtime (will feel like): Floating to sleep. 

Right, tomorrow is 2 weeks of blog. As celebration I (should) have a YouTube video uploaded. 

I will let you know more tomorrow but subscribe if you haven’t already! 

Peace & love.

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