S2:P5 – Travel day. USA #1

Season Two: Post Five.

Coming at you live from Heathrow airport. A bit different to the usual, sitting at work and spitting out words in the little nuggets of time I have in my caffeine fuelled breaks.

Rest day today due it being a travel day and all I can think about is all those sweet American miles. I always have a little anxiety before travelling because it’s such a priority for me to fit those runs in, travel brings a change in routine with a small window of chance that I might not fit my morning fitness in.anyway, less of that negative attitude and more about the excitement I’m feeling.

Packed and ready to go.

So, the story today is that we are currently sat in Heathrow airport with no guarantee of being on the flight we booked. The lovely folks at American Airlines decided to change our flight about two months ago but clearly forgot to transfer our ticket details. Sat in Starbucks right this minute and tension is a little high but I feel optimistic. The lady at check in said we’ll get put on any empty seats, this includes if anyone should not show up for their first class seat.

Ah the woes of travel, still, I’m dead excited for the trip ahead. I plan on seeing how many coffees I can drink throughout the 10 days and also how many miles I can cover. I’d like to go for the 100 – if I make 100 then I’ll do a big post about it.

Give us all the caffeine. Beer for Russ.

(A quick train ride to section B of terminal 5)

WE HAVE SEATS! I also have the 4th coffee of today and I’m feeling the caffeine in full effect, will most probably start getting heart palpitations soon. I’m not sure how much more blog I’m going to be able to write so here are some quick travel tips from me:

1. Don’t complain like a Dad.

Human beings constantly say complain about some situations that they think they should complain about. However, when you look at the situation frankly, there’s nothing that bad going on. Save your guts and sighs Dad, it’s draining for everyone else.

2. People watching is fun.

Airports, train stations, places that contain a vast diversity of persons are the best for people watching. Endless entertainment – not that I’m judging anyone.

3. Be in the moment.

Travelling to your destination is just like the moment your food arrives at a restaurant. The eating bit is obviously amazing but all that apprehension and excitement is over once it’s done. If you don’t take it in, you’ll lose it before you realise.

Look forward to updates from the USA, the next post will be coming from across the pond.

Over and out.


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