S2:P6 – In the ghetto… USA #2

Season Two: Post Six.

Okay, so plenty has happened since I last posted almost 24 hours ago. Since I was sat in the airport, on my 6th coffee or something ridiculous, we have travelled the 5000 odd miles across the pond.

Small run update because what’s a blog post without a run update: 8 American miles this morning but it with a story – we’ll get to that though. Getting in a run after sitting on a plane for 8 hours is so refreshing for the legs and lungs.

So we jumped on the plane having had the issues with not having seats, relieved that we were on our way. The flight itself was okay, I’d definitely forgotten how grim plane food makes you feel. The chicken tikka on the British airways flight gets a 4 of 10 from me. I don’t know why but there’s something about flying that makes me crave beefsteak tomatoes. I want to eat them and remind my insides of what fresh food taste like.

Once we arrived it was time to pick up the van and we had a great experience with Budget rental cars. The lady behind the desk, Beverly, was so stereotypically American/Philly that it was hard for me to feel as though I was in a movie scene. The van is a brand new chevy twelve seater and it’s a dream to drive. Americans make their cars as easy as possible to drive; big seats, two pedals, a rear view camera. You don’t even need to turn your head.

The whip

We then headed for our accommodation. In the past, we’ve stayed in some pretty questionable places. There’s been moments on tour where I very seriously questioned my safety in both sanitation and the persons who occupy the areas, this might be one of the worse. Part of what makes it worse this time is that we’re not in the ghetto due to scrimping on budget, we just got wildly mis-sold on booking.com.

Anyhow, after spending about 2 minutes in our plush new quarters, we swiftly headed into town to meet Riskee and co and get a lovely burger – start as you mean to go on. Jet lag hitting hard, we returned relatively early and braved a sleep in the supposedly high-drug-related-criminal area. All things considered, I slept pretty well.

The view from our accommodation

Still needing to get the miles in, I decided not to run around the ghetto and instead drive to the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge. In my heightened state of anxiety”, the wild turkeys and deer were just as terrifying as the dog walkers who looked as though they probably resided in the same area as our accommodation.

This breakfast spot is a solid 8/10

Eventful first day. Luckily we just finished up an incredible diner breakfast and tour feels well underway.

See ya tomorrow with more tour tales.



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