S2:P7 – On the road, again. USA #4

Season 2: Post 7.

We’ll carry on from where I left off, but first, we just arrived at our accommodation in Surf City, and it’s everything I could ever want out of a holiday/tour. We’re on the beach front, we have a room/bed space each, a grill, several balcony’s and its looking like a nice long beach run tomorrow morning! Certainly beats the treadmill I used for the last two runs.

Treadmill life.

Yesterday I left off with us arriving in Norfolk, Virginia. A very welcoming place, especially compared with the mean streets of Philly. The show was at a place called The Taphouse, which was in the district of Ghent – I’m guessing named after the Belgian city that both Ghouls and Riskee are very familiar with.

People in Virginia definitely have a distinct vibe, especially in the music circuit, it was cool to be reminded of it. It’s warm and welcoming, they definitely take note on good music when its being played. Both Riskee’s and our set went down really well. The sound at the Octoberfest themed all-day punk show was probably the best sound we’ve had in a good few years. It was a really nice show to play. The show itself was in the parking lot of the venue and was well attended by the locals, some of them recognising us from the last few times we played in the US.

Riskee & the Ridicule. VA, USA – 2018.

I should probably mention that before we played, we got to enjoy some of Virginia’s finest fish tacos at a Mexican place just down the road. Then after the sets, the venue gave us some fine American burgers. Prime American service, always so good.

If I could only eat one thing forever, it would probably be fish tacos.

This morning I took advantage of the hotel’s gym and did a strength work out followed by an easy 4 miler. Then we headed to a breakfast spot called Commune, in Norfolk’s neon art district. It was like something straight out of Hackney, very trendy with an incredible decor. The kind of interior I’d lie my house to have, as and when I have my own place. The food was smashing and I had this incredibly rejuvenating salad.

…Or perhaps this “backyard salad”.

After 4 hours in the van and a brief but always hilarious stop at a Walmart, we are now going to enjoy a dip in the sea and then a mega family-BBQ on our balcony.

Wish you were here.

Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow.

Over & out.

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