S2:P8 – Beach sunrises and milestones… USA #5

Season Two: Post Eight.

How good is this sunrise? I think it might be the morning person in me, but I love sunrise. I get annoyed when I’m not awake to see it. Becomes particularly hard in the British summer when the sun rises at 4am but its genuinely my favourite time of day.

This morning started with Beach miles, 10 to be precise. This is the part of “tour” where everyone else gets envious. It’s easy to remember why we do this at times like this. Throwback to three days, ago when we pulled up to the ghetto of south Philadelphia, and there was a very different feel to things. Just incase you were worried (I know you’re not), I’m currently on 30 miles total for the American runs – aiming for somewhere between 80 and 100 for the entire trip.

Yesterday I left off as we were about to cook up a big family meal and then have a bit of a celebration in our beach paradise. I can tell you that it all happened exactly as you’d expect. We cooked a lot of food, which for someone whose caloric intake is that of two average humans, is good news. The rest of the lads drank a lot of alcohol and I indulged in my favourite of dessert foods – ice cream, of course.

It’s something worth celebrating over though, especially for Riskee, coming to the USA to play music. The promoter of the show in Virginia said something very profound – “every musician has milestones they’d like to hit, to go overseas to play shows is probably one of the most common. You guys have accomplished something that so many wish they could”. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the little things; the scary accommodation, the lack of people at shows, the fact were not arena selling bands, charting on the radio. However, sometimes you have to look at what you have accomplished and the memories you’re making. They’re the things that really matter and stay with you for the rest of your life.

I love that music has taken me to some of these places that I otherwise would never have come to. Adventure is definitely in my blood and if the band was to be taken away from me right now, I don’t doubt that I’d continue to travel, but it would make for different stories and perhaps a different the of adventure. I am proud of our accomplishments and I’m stoked we get to do this. Last night is a coming together of good mates, united by music, who are touring a country that a lot dream of touring but never get to.

I know, deep right. Here are some hilarious pictures from last night to lighten the mood:

Right now I’m about to hit the beach and swim in the sea. Expect more running tomorrow and we will also be headed to another place, although we are not sure where just yet!

The adventure continues.

Lots of love.

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