S2:P10 – Shrimp burritos. USA #7

Season Two: Post Ten.

Okay, so it’s 9pm. I’ve just started writing this post and I’m currently stood in tonight’s venue with little time to write this. Quick post doesn’t mean bad post though, in fact I’m sure I’ve got it in me to write a cohesive review of the last 24 hours.

First off, I left off just as we were headed to hooters. Average food and seedy vibes is all I can tell you about that experience. Watching Maz try his best to get worth out of his ‘all you can eat wings’ was quite entertaining. By far my favourite part of the evening was getting Chocolate Covered Banana Halo Top. The low calorie ice cream is a staple of mine, I just love finishing the whole tub. Another classic early bed time for me.

This morning I took to the hotel gym for a good old fashioned pump and then managed 4 miles on a hilariously ghetto treadmill. Tomorrow’s workout is looking to be very similar seeing that there’s no paths/pavement surrounding our hotel.

Most of today has been spent driving the other 8 members of the touring party across South Carolina. We are staying in Charleston despite our show tonight being in Savannah. It’s going to be very late getting to bed as it’s 1 hour 40 mins back to the hotel and this area is renowned for its late shows. Oh well, I’ll still be up early for those sweet miles.

Anyhow, I’ll check out there and leave you with a picture of the shrimp burrito I just inhaled. It was fantastic. 10/10.

Peace and love.


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