S2:P12 – Drive all day, sleep (a bit) at night USA #9

Season Two: Post Twelve.

When I tell people I’m going on tour, they usually respond in the same way that they do if I tell them I’m going on holiday. Majority will ask where and for how long. If they’re a musician whose been on tour then there’s more of a mutual understanding, particularly so if they are a musician in a DIY touring band. However, the vast majority of my everyday work colleagues aren’t into DIY punk.

I know, it’s hard life this touring thing.

I think the hardest part of touring for an outsider to understand is how taxing it can be; late nights, early mornings, rough sleep and long drives. Obviously I don’t participate in the late night drinking/partying but I guess I make up for that in that I maintain my training/running routine of getting up at 6am to crack out 8+ miles and a strength session. Either way, it is a working holiday and it’s definitely not always restful.

Today we woke up in Wilmington, North Carolina. Having played a show last night in a venue downtown, the night ended late due to most things being on a later schedule there due to the hot weather. Much like Spain, the Carolina’s take an afternoon siesta making for later night’s out. We then woke this morning at 7am to immediately hit the road and drive the 550 miles to Gainesville, Florida. So today’s story is that of 8 dudes sat in a van for 8 hours. Other than an uneventful stop at Walmart, not a lot happened.

Tour: 2% shows, 58% loading and unloading, 40% waiting around.

We did get breakfast at McDonalds, I followed the health guru guidelines and opted for an egg white McMuffin and the porridge. It still left me feeling a little uneasy but I think that might have been the large americano followed by a highly caffeinated coffee protein drink.

Give me miles. I love miles.

We have now arrived in Florida and I immediately cracked out a 5 miler on the treadmill to get the blood in my legs going again. I just had an incredible burrito from the infamous Flaco’s Tacos in Gainesville. Now I intend to locate some ice cream. Actually, I should probably mention the incredible apple pie ice cream I had after the show in Wilmington last night – 9.6/10.

Ice cream for life.

This is where I’m posting this from.

Peace & love.


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