S2:P13 – Get me in the water. USA #10

Season Two: Post Thirteen.

There’s a lot to be said in the importance of sharing experiences. One of the most satisfying feelings in life is passing on or facilitating an experience for others. Today, not only have I had an amazing day, but I’ve witnessed the lads in Riskee have the time of their lives.

After I posted last night, I headed to the super market for some of America’s ‘healthy’ ice cream pints. I returned to the hotel for an early night and a deep dive into the whole pint of sweetener based frozen milk. An absolute treat for me.

This morning I woke early to get a lovely refreshing Florida 8 miler in my legs. A perfect sunrise to accommodate the air in my lungs, pure bliss as usual. When I returned I had a laugh over breakfast due to the hilarious people watching; included were 2 real life cowboys and a family in which the father ate 3 waffles back to back. Health tip: don’t be American.

The rest of the lads had the opposite of the health ice cream early night I’d had and chose to drink their way through Fest. Of course, this meant heads were a little rattled. However, when I’m Gainesville it is a must to hit one of the surrounding area’s blue springs. So that’s what we did.

Swimming in the crystal clear water is nothing but invigorating. It gives you that ‘life is amazing’ feeling. To quote Scott from Riskee ‘what even is life! It’s November in two days…’. It was an incredible morning floating down the Santa Fe river on a giant inflatable rubber ring and swimming over the Devils Eye sink hole.

Tonight we play Fest, it’s our last night before flying home tomorrow so it should be a lot of fun. I’ll check back in tomorrow, until then enjoy yourselves.

Peace & love.


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