S2:P15 – The return.

Season Two: Post Fifteen.


…and like that, I’m suddenly home. Isn’t it funny how, when you go away if seems as though you’ve been gone forever, only when you return you feel like it went by in a flash. I guess that’s how it must feel to be old. Anyhow, between writing this and posting the last blog, I haven’t actually slept. With the exception of what I would describe as a ‘few winks’ on the plane from Philadelphia to London, I’ve done no sleeping.

Although I promised in the last post that I would give a more comprehensive summary of the USA tour as a whole, I am by no means in any state to attempt to write anything like that. Just know, it was amazing and I will definitely forever hold it in high regard as one of the best tours we’ve done. More than anything, due to the fact we got to share it with our pals in Riskee & the Ridicule.

Today has been a day in which time has not really been in sync and therefore I am not sure where it began or ended. The flight from Philly was about 6 and half hours long, we got a relatively okay chicken dinner (5.8/10) and then a ridiculously sugary breakfast, which did involve an incredible blueberry muffin top (6.6/10). However, that was served at the USA time of 2am, or the slightly more appropriate 6am in British GMT. From then, I’ve tried to adhere to as usual of a structure as possible.

I took a rest day due to having no sleep and also training everyday for the last 10 days. Clocking a good 100km over the 10 days in America – not quite 100 miles but I’ll take it! That 100 miler is going to happen soon though, I promise.

It’s back to routine tomorrow, getting up at the usual time of 6am and headed straight to the pool, work and then gym. I’m excited for what lays ahead though; between now and Christmas there’s some plans that are to go ahead and create for more goal ticking and somewhat exciting changes to life. Whilst we’re on the subject of goal ticking, in my delirious jet lagged state I still managed to record a video and song for tomorrow’s weekly upload. Please be sure to check my YouTube, it’s got a very USA theme to it.

As for blog plans, as I said before I went to away, my next step is to get an online store up and running. Expect future updates on this to come very soon: I’ve got some great ideas to put into practice.

Feels good to be home.

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