S2:P18 – Socialising at work.

Season 2: Post Eighteen.

So I did write a full post in a 15 minute window on my lunch break today, however, I like to write these on MS Word at work as my writing platform. It’s not that I’m doing anything wrong, using my unpaid lunch break to write a blog post, it’s more so that colleagues leave me alone because they assume I’m doing something work related. Anyhow, I forgot to copy the post over and post it onto WordPress and now I’m at home with no access to said work document.

What work typically looks like for me…

Instead of try to re-write the post I did, which was about being discontent and striving for more, I’ve decided to deviate from the subject as it seemed to come across somewhat negative. Nobody wants a negative Friday night post to read whilst they procrastinate and wonder why they’re reading this fool’s daily blog posts…

Writing that first paragraph just made me think about socialising with work colleagues and the unique relationships we are forced to make within a workplace. I get on well with all my colleagues and on a personal level have little to no problem with any of them. However, I do find it hard, in daily life as well as at work, relating to a lot of people. It turns out, being a highly functional, hard working, daily runner, regular gym goer, healthy eater, non-drinker, touring DIY musician, coffee obsessed, songwriter, artist, youtube nerd and daily blogger is hard to relate to for your average person who works in a college. When talking with colleagues at work, bar a few people, I often find myself having to give very very short versions of ‘how my weekend was’ or ‘what I did over half term’.

Unfortunately, its a lot to do with the society we live in; a lot of people are working jobs that don’t necessarily reflect their real interests or hobbies and it means that we never truly find out that much about each other, especially in a working colleague relationship. Anyway, as long as we get on and nobody is shooting each other, its all gravy in my books.

This morning’s run was a beauty.

This morning’s run was frosty and beautiful; it’s good to be back along the River Ouse.

Have a good Friday evening y’all, I’m off to the cinema with my beautiful girlfriend.

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