S2: P20 – Sunday.

Season Two: Post Twenty. 

It’s Sunday and that means run day. I love running, I’m not sure you’re aware of the by now. A lovely 9 miler kicked today off and it was along my favourite route. For the first time in a while, I’ve had a Sunday to myself. It’s been so enjoyable, I have worked on an essay due for Tuesday and managed to complete it, spent time with family and I’m about to have a lovely roast dinner. This unstructured weekend thing isn’t so bad after all, though I still prefer a weekday I must admit.

From this morning’s miles.

I have been having some thoughts about this blog and where to take it. Unfortunately I am twenty posts into season two and haven’t yet accomplished much of the goals I set for it at the start, but that is life. Something I definitely want to have up and running before the 30 days is up is my online store. So, this week coming’s goal is to buy some canvas, paint on it and get it up on here for sale. I don’t even care if they don’t sell and nobody buys them, its more the principal of acting on the idea that matters to me at this point.

Last night, on a late night stroll with my girlfriend, we took 10-15 minutes to look up at the stars. It may sound romantic and like we live in some wondrous film but we its not something we both typically do. However, in the short time we had our head tilted up, we saw a satellite and 3 (yes, 3) what appeared to be shooting stars! I’m not 100% sure that they were but either way, we both agreed that if you did take 10 minutes out each day to look at the night sky that you would probably see a lot of interesting things.

Sunday evening, time for tea.

I will leave you with this for your Sunday evening pleasures: look up once in a while and take some time, you’ll never see it if you’re not looking.

Peace & love.

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