S2:P23 – In hindsight.

Season Two: Post Twenty-three. 

The best moments just pass on by. Often, you don’t realise they’re happening as and when they happen. Only on reflection can you really respect how magic they really were. People say that the best times in life are the significant events that you remember forever, but, I think the best times in life are the parts where you’re so absorbed in what you’re doing, that time just passes on by.

This question comes into my mind at least once an hour (on average).

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” – A some what over-used quote by John Lennon, but it sums up what I am trying to say well.

Today I worked on a music technology project with a learner who is blind. We recorded a cover of a song using Logic, he left today with a copy of the recording, excited to show his family. As the day has come to a close, suddenly all my worries and stresses have come flooding back to my mind. I had this realisation that the whole working day I haven’t once thought about any of them, I’ve been absorbed in the project. Making the best possible day for someone else has meant the majority of my day has been great.

Often I feel like those around me are losing their heads whilst mine stays firmly on. I do a good job of looking after myself compared to almost everyone I know. As someone who eats well, trains regularly, has an impeccable sleep pattern, doesn’t drink, etc. It’s not hard to understand how. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t experience low periods or moments within a positive day that feel a little overwhelming.

Sometimes, even when my favourite people want to hang out, I just want to recluse into my own world for the evening. Not do a lot and not talk to anyone and reflect on the day’s moments where my head was full of ideas and potential, too busy to even think about worrying or stressing something. Thats kind of how I feel right now.

Another day, more caffeine. I didn’t really take any pictures to relate to this post but these are from today so I thought I’d include them.

This morning I had a really good 2 mile swim. It’s the most fluid I’ve felt in the water for a while. I’m about to step out of work and head to the gym for a strength session, which should lift my mood a bit.

I want to get excited about this blog again, it’s become a little stale. The visits and views aren’t what they have been and although it’s not about that, I feel its a reflection on my writing. Still, its some great therapy to just get posts like these out there.

Speak tomorrow y’all.

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