This time of year & running.

Finally, the idea is born and will soon become a reality. Season 3 of the blog is to be the grand 100 days of daily challenges. I have written the list of 100 challenges, each day I will choose one to complete and document it. The following day’s blog post will be that very documentation and that is how the series will run. It all kicks off this Friday (30th November 2018) and I guess that means it will go on until at least 20th March 2019. I am excited.

In the mean time, I am just posting some interlude blogs about whatever I feel like. Today I feel like writing so here I am, writing. This morning I woke up at 7am, well rested and ready for the day. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit all over the place and have been struggling to keep my positive upbeat energy sustained as much as usual. However, this morning I cracked out an incredible 11 mile run and have felt on top of the world since. I ran a route I’ve never done before and also a route that I had not planned for this morning’s training, in fact I didn’t really have a plan at all. I just knew I needed miles.

As I cruised along the river at a nice steady pace, especially in contrast to last week’s Half Marathon (which I am still so stoked about – PB!), I couldn’t help but think about how good this time of year is. Many people complain about it; it gets dark early, its noticeably colder, the leaves are being shed… However, I love the crisp air, how quiet everything is due to people staying in, the slightly festive pre-Christmas feelings, the autumn colours, the fact that the fire is on at home. There’s a nostalgia in the air from when I was younger, perhaps its due to living back in my childhood realms, but I’m reminded of walking to school in a big coat and preparing for the nativity play. Also, for the first time probably since I was a small child, I am feeling somewhat festive.


I also realised how much I truly love running. There’s something about it that just sets me free and makes me feel at ease. For the rest of the day I am just a better, more awake, more thoughtful, easier going, more relaxed person. Rest days are essential, I know that, but I’m sticking to one per week. The combination of the air, open spaces and the freedom of movement, as well as the reminder that the human body is capable of jaunting along at 7/8 miles an hour across an 11 mile distance, its what I need. The fitness crowds on instagram and social media demonise “cardio” and say how it’s a waste of time. Perhaps if your goals are to lose weight and/or sculpt an impressive physique then there are way more effective ways to go about it, but none of them mention the pure raw feeling it gives you, the mental release, the freedom from stress and anxieties, that intense rush of endorphin that has you smiling like a barbie doll. It’s all about your mind.


Now, I know it’s not for everyone and everyone has their thing, but I am glad I’ve found mine in putting one foot in front of the other. Thank you running.


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