Post-ebruary #9: Not making the most of time.

I’m definitely one of those people who gets itchy feet the minute I sit down to ‘rest’. One of my least favourite feelings is that of my time not being used productively. Sometimes thats my own doing as much as it might be someone else’s. I’m just not a fan of sitting still. I would rather be out on a walk in the fresh air than sitting on the sofa. Even a wander around town, taking in ideas, feels more productive than doing nothing at all. The problem is, at some point we have to sit down and rest, especially when you’re on a high milage training schedule and fill the vast majority of your time with activity. However, it still does not undo my desire to get up and move.

Get me moving in my rad Air Force 1’s.

The only time I am not worried about getting up and moving or being productive is when it gets passed 8pm. After 8pm, I’m out of hours, closed until 5/6am the following morning. I prefer life this way.

The reason I’m writing this right now is, it’s 12pm on a Saturday and despite swimming 2 miles at 7am, I have spent the remained of the morning sat on a sofa. Although I have been doing work and making designs for potential merchandise, the lack of movement still fills me with a feeling of wanting to get up and move about. Luckily for me, the afternoon should be spent doing just that.

I like moving.

I’m not sure what the point of the blog post is other than to distract my mind until I can get outside. I think somewhere it just must be the love of being outdoors that manifests inside me. Anyhow, I hope you are all having a good Saturday and I’ll check in with you tomorrow.

Today’s athletic update: Easy 2 mile recovery swim this morning, giving the legs a rest for tomorrow’s long run. Feeling good.

Carpe Omnia.

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