Post-ebruary #16 – Injured?

Oh no, cranky hip turned into full on pain in the bum (quite literally)! I suspect that it’s something to do with the fact that my girlfriend and I decided to walk 23 miles today. Yes, that’s right “rest day” involved a 23 mile walk and to be honest my hip didn’t enjoy it one bit. My mind on the other hand, loved it. Fresh air, countryside, taking in the spring fever that seems to be in the air today – incredible. However, now I must suffer the consequences.

Chasing 50k 🙌🏻

Here’s how I see injury: being injured isn’t very nice and can often have some pretty bad effects on mental health seeing as most people who train like I do use running as much as a mental health kick as they do a physical exertion. My greatest asset in a situation like this is that I’m a multi-discipline sportsman who loves swimming, so to the pool it is.

Other than using cross training as an alternative outlet, I do think that being injured is a great time to use as a way of strengthening the weaknesses that lead to injury in the first place. My left Glute Medius and my slightly lower left hip are two that have haunted me through the years, rehab routines and mobility are easy to skip out on in the times you’re feeling good but you soon remember how important they are in these times.

Now I should mention that I’m feeling relatively positive about this hip deviance. As far as injuries go, I’ve had a few and this is one of the lesser serious ones. I know I can bounce out of this with the right care and attention in less time than I’ve previously had to take out of running. Also, this injury came on during deadlifts in the gym, so I have a supposition that it’s not fully running related but rather the hip is inflamed by the repetitive movement of running (and walking apparently).

So here’s my plan: this week will become cross training week, in which I focus more on swimming and maybe cycling if the hip doesn’t mind that. I’ll stick to upper body strength work and make my lower body days more rehab focused whilst in the gym. This week, I will pay even more attention to both sleep and nutrition, making sure none of it is bad quality. Hopefully it will all heal up and we’ll be back on with the usual training soon enough! We’ll see…

In other news, I’m going to record my first episode of the podcast tomorrow. I will most probably blog about it and let you know how it goes.

Today’s athletic update: Well, you should have already read that I walked 23 miles. Yes, that’s 23 miles. It took us 8 hours and we stopped for brunch half way. I had a Mezze Board full of all sorts of delicious delights.

Carpe Omnia.

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