Start your day right.

6:35am stood on the pebbles of Brighton beach ready to plunge into the water. The route sides along the pier, around to the right and along the coastline for 2.5km before angling back into the beach. For someone who has done his fair share of open water swimming, the apprehension before entering the water is always the same. A negotiation between my mind and head of what it deems rational and what is actually rational. As a child you’re warned of the dangers that come with swimming in the sea, as an adult I’m opting to swim in the sea even going as far to pay just to receive a medal at the end of it.

Running, swimming and her 🔥

The reason I love open water swimming so much is because not only do I get my daily morning exercise fix, but I also get to put my head into a space that sets me up to take on anything for the rest of the day. I have to keep as calm as possible, fend of any panic-stricken thoughts and remind myself that any fear that enters my body is purely a feeling. Whilst this is all going on I’m swimming front crawl for next 40 minutes at a 1:40 minute per 100m pace.

The struggle is necessary. Without a daily struggle of both physical and mental endeavour then I am not me, I am merely a shell of myself. I love every second of it. Do yourself a favour and start your day right. You can thank me after!

Happy swimming.


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