one week off social media.

I’m one week in and I’m feeling strong. As almost anything worthwhile goes, the longer to do it for the easier it becomes and I already feel that this social media challenge is past its most difficult stage. I honestly feel no inclination whatsoever toward going on any social media, even YouTube! My head feels clear, the fog is at a nice safe distance and I also feel genuinely more interested in real life than I have for ages.

Sweet freedom.

I’ve been paying particular attention to how much less time I spend looking at my phone. This challenge still means I use my phone for texts, alerts, internet research etc so I am still using it but I have become particularly aware that I no longer check it whilst I am walking along the corridor at work. I am now always walking along, keeping my head up and maintaining a good posture. I also have been making eye contact with anyone who walks past; this being part of another more personal challenge that is spelled out by Tim Ferris in his 4-hour work week book. He says everyone should practice maintaining eye contact with everyone and anyone. Not having a phone out to look at means this is ultimately easier to remember to do. It also has made me increasingly aware of how few people make eye contact back. Although, those who do make eye contact back tend to smile or say hello, which is nice.

I feel less worried about missing out on updates now, having reflected on how little it really matters what other people have been eating for dinner, etc. I know it’s only a week and there’s another 3 to go, but I’m already planning on how I am going to use this detox to continue onwards after the month is up. Obviously its all subject to how the next 3 weeks go but I feel as though I will continue with a detox and perhaps only go on the social media apps when I am going to upload something to them?

We’ll see. Carpe Diem.

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