It’s all mental.

Fear. It all exists in your head.

One of the many lessons that running, swimming and weight lifting has taught me is that the mind controls all. A friend I usually workout with in the gym always says “it’s all mental”. It’s our lifting quote. It’s true though, the only way that you’re going to push that weight is if your mind says that you can. One of the craziest parts to when I ran the sub-3 hour marathon is how much it came down to my mental attitude; the entire race I was completely absorbed into my own mind, focusing on nothing but the image of that finish line with a clock that says 02:–:–.

Every time I get in the water there’s an element of fear but I just channel it into excitement and allow my mind to feel it.

“Anything is possible” is a quote that gets tagged a lot in these modern times but what it should actually read is “anything is possible, if you choose to believe it is”. Convincing your mind is no easy feat and it can take years upon years to alter a perception. It’s exactly why in athletics and sports you have to train, increment up to your goal, so that when the time comes you’re mentally prepared. You go through the motions day in day out until your mind is convinced enough that it will be able to achieve the “impossible”. You can apply this mantra to just about anything and everything.

Fear is no exception. Being fearful or feeling afraid can be combatted through training of the mind. But perhaps we take this statement too literally. See the statement doesn’t say that combatting fear means an absence of it. In running, training to run a sub-3 hour marathon never takes away the fact that your legs are pounding the ground, your lungs are full and every cell in your body is working on overdrive. It does, however, ensure you are used to it enough for your mind to feel like it’s okay and not going tell you to stop immediately. With fear, it’s the same concept.

Never scared to run further.

If you are scared or fearful, then first dig deep to find out what it is you are really fearful of. For most of us, it’s uncertainty. Even the fear of a spider or a bird stems from the fact that there’s an uncertainty as to what that creature might do. As kids, when we are unfamiliar to almost anything, we have to go through the combat of fear on a regular basis, facing the uncertainties and allowing our mind’s to except them.

As adults, I feel most of us are uncertain about our futures and our life paths. It’s what causes most of our fears, stresses and anxieties. So how do you train your mind to get a hold of this fear? Like I said, there will never be an absence of fear, but you can learn to accept it as a normal and recognisable feat. It’s funny how people rarely question happiness in the same way we question fear or depression. Rarely will you sit and wonder about the stimulus that has caused your happiness, but often we will psychoanalyse why someone may feel fearful or unhappy. Probably because we allow our minds to accept happiness as a totally normal and natural feeling. Guess what? You can do the same with fear and it will mean it no longer dictates so much of your life.

Fear the future, just don’t let the fear dictate your future.

Happy Wednesday people.

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