Euro trip: Day 1 – the start.

July was a funny month to decide to be "offline" (I'm currently three weeks into a social media detox which includes Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter). The reason being because this month my girlfriend and me are travelling Europe. For the next 3 or so weeks we are darting around the continent, hitting up countries... Continue Reading →

It’s all mental.

Fear. It all exists in your head. One of the many lessons that running, swimming and weight lifting has taught me is that the mind controls all. A friend I usually workout with in the gym always says "it's all mental". It's our lifting quote. It's true though, the only way that you're going to... Continue Reading →

When you simply don’t want to.

Ever get this over whelming urge just to pack up, get out, leave, storm out? This burning desire to just shut everything off and go far away? It's definitely a feeling we all feel in moments. It doesn't necessarily reflect how happy or sad you feel or how well you're feeling mentally or physically, sometimes... Continue Reading →

2 weeks off social media.

Do you ever look at other people and wonder how on earth they manage to get by? This last week I've been making plans, trying to organise life a bit and just generally getting my shit together. I like to plan, I like to know what it is I have coming up. An empty diary... Continue Reading →

one week off social media.

I'm one week in and I'm feeling strong. As almost anything worthwhile goes, the longer to do it for the easier it becomes and I already feel that this social media challenge is past its most difficult stage. I honestly feel no inclination whatsoever toward going on any social media, even YouTube! My head feels... Continue Reading →


Today's post is dedicated to the feeling of excitement. Probably my favourite emotion; the apprehension before a situation that you have high expectations for. Now, maybe the expectation doesn't always live up to the reality of what actually happens but what doesn't change is how joyful and pleasurable that feeling is beforehand. Being sat in... Continue Reading →

Start your day right.

6:35am stood on the pebbles of Brighton beach ready to plunge into the water. The route sides along the pier, around to the right and along the coastline for 2.5km before angling back into the beach. For someone who has done his fair share of open water swimming, the apprehension before entering the water is... Continue Reading →

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