A rollercoaster of emotion.

3 weeks without her and I was an absolute mess. I was sick for the first time in 5+ years, my anxiety shot through the roof, I spent a lot of moments thinking I was having a heart attack due to pain in my chest which, the moment she returned went away. Physical symptoms of... Continue Reading →

Embrace the panic attack.

My anxieties have gone through the roof over the last few days. I have been a bit of a mess. Mild to severe panic attacks are a daily occurrence for me and over the many years of having them, I'm very good at recognising and dealing with them. My point of call with a panic... Continue Reading →

Christmas: Social Anxiety.

So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun. Ah, John Lennon, he certainly said some incredibly profound quotes but I'm not sure about the 'War is over' opening lyrics. I guess a more topical and political opening would be - so this is Christmas, and what's... Continue Reading →

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