#VANLIFE – Entry 1.

So, I know I haven't posted on here for a long while but so much life has happened since that I don't even know where to start. Instead of going through all the intricacies of the past few months I will forward you to Laura and my YouTube account where you can watch Vlogs to... Continue Reading →

Rad breakfasts.

Big stacks! It is going to take some getting used, opening a blank WordPress entry and writing whatever comes to mind. I actually really dig the new WordPress layout so shout out to them for the update. I'm not sure when they did this update as it's been so long since I was writing regularly... Continue Reading →

Euro trip day 15: Stranger towns.

Travel always has its ups and its downs. Most of the time you spend on an absolute high, experience a better education than any school could provide, making memories that will last longer than any mundane work week and putting life into a perspective that only makes you realise how much you don't want to... Continue Reading →

Euro trip day 6: Use ya bug spray.

Another day in Bad Herrenalb meant another morning run toughing out the sharp inclines of the Black Forest's hills. A solid 13km run had the legs burning and the heart pounding, which of course had me smiling as its my favourite thing in the whole wide world. The beating down once again on the balcony... Continue Reading →

Day 5 of no social media.

5 days into July means 5 days that I haven't clicked on any social media apps or websites, including YouTube. Whilst on my 9 mile run this morning, as per usual, I reflected on how the last 4 days have felt and the little changes I've noticed. Today's post is going to be dedicated to... Continue Reading →

My Guide to Nutrition.

Day 22I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22. The learners in one of my music groups told me Taylor Swift is old news. I guess I’m becoming old news too. I went to my Nans for dinner last night, usual for a Wednesday. Nan and I always have a nice meal and a... Continue Reading →

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