Keeping consistent.

I’ve made some pretty big decisions recently. Some of which cannot be revealed just now, however I will say that it involves, what has been, a huge part of my life no longer being a part of it. I don’t want to describe it as coming to an end because I don’t see it as... Continue Reading →

Its been a whole week.

A whole week?! Yes, a whole bloody week with no blog post. That’s one of the longest times I’ve gone without posting, and I don’t feel good about it I must admit. My excuse? I don’t really have one. Again, I’ve been prioritising other activities but if I’m honest, I’ve just gotten lazy. I’m back... Continue Reading →

This time of year & running.

Finally, the idea is born and will soon become a reality. Season 3 of the blog is to be the grand 100 days of daily challenges. I have written the list of 100 challenges, each day I will choose one to complete and document it. The following day's blog post will be that very documentation... Continue Reading →

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