Today's post is dedicated to the feeling of excitement. Probably my favourite emotion; the apprehension before a situation that you have high expectations for. Now, maybe the expectation doesn't always live up to the reality of what actually happens but what doesn't change is how joyful and pleasurable that feeling is beforehand. Being sat in... Continue Reading →

No social media – day 2.

First day of no social media is done and I feel all the better for it. A bit like running a race, the start sets up the rest of the challenge so I know by getting through this first week, I'll start to find it easier and easier. That said though, I didn't really find... Continue Reading →

I don’t have time…

You do. What you mean't to say was, "I don't want to make time to do that". It's funny because the reason I'm writing about this isn't the typical "I don't have time story". Last night, whilst I was watching Prison Break (I know, very late in the day but when your attention span for... Continue Reading →

Post-ebruary #18: One year ago.

One year ago tomorrow I moved from Bushey, Hertfordshire back to St Neots, Cambridgeshire, the area in which I grew up. I made the decision to move home when I realised I'd exhausted everything I needed and wanted from living in Bushey. Moving home was the best decision I made, one year on and I'm... Continue Reading →

Post-ebruary #15: 24 hours in York.

A few weekends ago, my girlfriend and me spent 24 hours in the beautiful city of York. It's a lovely place with some incredibly scenic streets, classic British architecture and wonderful northern hospitality. Whether you are a resident of the UK or from foreign lands, I think it needs to be on your list of... Continue Reading →

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