Running: input vs. output.

It's no secret, I love running. I was never on the track team at school but I've always owned a pair of trainers due to my Dad being a relatively decent club level marathoner. Training became more than just a few jogs around the park after my first half marathon, it was then that I... Continue Reading →

Sunday long run.

Days of the week. So necessary to someone who loves routine but far to often do we project certain feelings onto days of the week. Monday is supposed to be a struggle, Wednesday can be celebrated as being "over the hump", Friday is worshipped by all and then Sunday is supposedly a day of rest.... Continue Reading →

Benedict’s Guide to Running.

Day 9Anyone who knows me, will know how much I love running. It is a genuine addiction; I find a day without any movement/exercise in general a complete misery but running is my favourite way to exercise (open water swimming comes a close second). Now I do enjoy the way strength training/gym work makes me... Continue Reading →

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