S2:P27 – My Bucket List.

Season Two: Post Twenty-seven.  Given the nature of my busy Tuesday schedule, this is probably an ambitious post to write but I'm always one for a challenge. I wrote in my last post about how I want to keep things fresh and interesting on this platform and what better way than to list the goals... Continue Reading →

S2:P21 – Wanting more.

Season 2: Post Twenty-One.  Discontent. I don’t know if anyone else gets this, but I never feel content. Not necessarily a bad thing, it means I’m constantly hungry for the next level. I always want to reach the next stage; I want to do more, see more, run further, lift heavier, look better, progress in... Continue Reading →

S2:P4 – How to write a song.

Season 2: Post 4. Morning miles have made their sweet return! This morning I churned out a lovely 8-miler and it felt pure bliss. Although, tomorrow I will be taking a rest day as it’s a travel day and with the forecast for America looking to be full of long distance runs, it makes sense... Continue Reading →

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