Sunday long run.

Days of the week. So necessary to someone who loves routine but far to often do we project certain feelings onto days of the week. Monday is supposed to be a struggle, Wednesday can be celebrated as being "over the hump", Friday is worshipped by all and then Sunday is supposedly a day of rest.... Continue Reading →

S2:P27 – My Bucket List.

Season Two: Post Twenty-seven.  Given the nature of my busy Tuesday schedule, this is probably an ambitious post to write but I'm always one for a challenge. I wrote in my last post about how I want to keep things fresh and interesting on this platform and what better way than to list the goals... Continue Reading →

S2:P24 – You’re a wizard.

Season Two: Post Twenty-four. Made a spur of the moment decision today, succumbed to clever internet marketing, I responded to an email that I received titled "10 custom stickers for £1". I now have 10 stickers of the following design headed my way. What better first product for my online store? £1 per sticker (including... Continue Reading →

I genuinely love Monday.

Day 26 Every Monday morning, I wake up and feel a huge sense of excitement at the opportunities that lay in the week ahead. I love Monday. There was a period of time where I didn’t appreciate a Monday, though I never really understood why. The reason, I came to realise, was because I’d been... Continue Reading →

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