Day 5 of no social media.

5 days into July means 5 days that I haven't clicked on any social media apps or websites, including YouTube. Whilst on my 9 mile run this morning, as per usual, I reflected on how the last 4 days have felt and the little changes I've noticed. Today's post is going to be dedicated to... Continue Reading →

Running for meditation.

Today I had a job interview. I'm not going anywhere, it's an internal position where I work but it's a more responsible role. A role that I want to get as it gives me even more opportunities to teach my subject specialism. I left the house this morning at usual time, 5:45am, arrived to the... Continue Reading →

Post-ebuary #3: Carpe Omnia.

Carpe Omnia: seize the opportunity. I'm not gonna lie, I read this on a urban outfitters long sleeve t-shirt. I like it as a sentiment though, it's a good quote to live by. The hardest part, knowing what is an opportunity and what is not. Sometimes opportunities are obvious like getting a job offer or... Continue Reading →

Post-ebuary #2: Addicted to Instagram.

Phone screens. Phone screens absolutely everywhere. It must have been a whole different ball game when a human being’s biggest distraction was doodling in their notepads, daydreaming into the deep abyss of the mind or perhaps reading a simple newspaper. Learner’s in my classes can’t help but check their phones on autopilot; they don’t even... Continue Reading →

Sunday long run.

Days of the week. So necessary to someone who loves routine but far to often do we project certain feelings onto days of the week. Monday is supposed to be a struggle, Wednesday can be celebrated as being "over the hump", Friday is worshipped by all and then Sunday is supposedly a day of rest.... Continue Reading →

The Athens Marathon

Day 12Clear, clean and crisp; my favourite weather and time coming together in a sweet combination to make this morning’s 8 miler the perfect start of the week. With that in mind, today’s blog post is going to be another running story. This time of my first marathon: Athens 2015. (Today’s miles - featuring a silly... Continue Reading →

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