When a situation gets gnarly.

Day 29 It’s the second to last day of the 30-day challenge! When I started this blog, I had no idea that it would become as much of an obsession as it has for me. The biggest surprise for me has been just how therapeutic putting thoughts into words is. I’ll save the “what blogging... Continue Reading →

My day in places.

Day 27 Firstly, just so you know - I am putting up my usual song/video tomorrow at 12pm - this week it is an original song. Written and recorded by myself, never heard by anyone before. Link to my YouTube here. Another hectic Tuesday meaning another hilariously nonsensical blog post about my day. Today has... Continue Reading →

Coffee Talk

Day 16Every single day, I wake up and have a genuine excitement over the fact that I get to drink coffee. There are also occasions that I get the same excitement prior to going to sleep, the night before. Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to drink it in the evening; the morning and... Continue Reading →

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