I quit my job.

Monday morning, I woke up full of energy. My morning workout went by so much quicker than usual; my mind was so far away from the exercise it was as if my body was going through the motion but I wasn't actually in the room. I knew that this was the morning I had to... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Affective.

I try my best with the seasons. I really do. Typically, I tend to find that the apprehension of the colder and darker seasons arriving is worse than going through them in real time. As winter approaches, here in the UK, the light comes later and fades earlier, it's colder and it typically feels more... Continue Reading →

Meditation & a daily suffer.

In previous posts I have spoken numerous times about moving forward in life, progression, becoming a better person and utilising time to get the maximum out of it. In the time I took off from writing any posts I put a lot of study into a few things that I would like to shed some... Continue Reading →

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